Say Sayonara To Sign Spinners

Sunday, July 23rd marked the end of an era in WA State with new marijuana advertising rules coming into effect today, July 24th. There were many new regulations regarding billboards and advertisements, but we're most upset about the ban on Sign Spinners. We talked to Higher Leaf's infamous Shawn The Sign Spinner to learn a little bit more about his philosophy on the art, his thoughts on safety and what's next for this beloved Higher Leaf icon.

How Terpenes Influence Marijuana

Smell is a great indicator of quality marijuana and you can thank terpenes for strains with the aroma of lemons, fruity pebbles or even diesel. Terpenes are natural compounds found in many plants and every kind has its own unique smell. Many terpenes are used to make perfumes, essential oils, medicines and more. Research about terpenes is rapidly expanding and we're learning more about their effect on the potency of marijuana and the kind of high you experience.

The Life Cycle of Marijuana

The Life Cycle of Marijuana

"Croptober" is a magical time of year for vendors at Higher Leaf! This nickname affectionately refers to the Fall harvest of outdoor grown marijuana, not unlike the harvest of other crops like grapes used in wine making. The natural growing cycle has come to an end for the year and many of our vendors have been harvesting, drying, and curing their haul for the last couple of weeks.