Product Deliveries for Active Vendors:

Delivery Hours - Tuesday through Friday - 9am - 4pm

  • Invoices must be sent to the buying team account manager at least 24 hours before delivery at a minimum. 48 hours notice is preferred for a fluid and successful relationship and will result in priority scheduling for deliveries.

  • After an order has been placed the vendor is expected to schedule a date and time of delivery for each store using our web based Delivery Scheduling Calendar Portal (web links will be provided at time of order).

  • Our delivery schedule fills up quickly and the sooner a vendor locks down a delivery date and time the better. Our schedule is usually full 24 to 48 hours out. Sending an invoice but not scheduling a delivery will result in the delivery being rejected.

  • Rejecting a manifest or line item is our fix for any issues which need correction including but not limited to: failure in giving enough notice on delivery, not forwarding the invoice ahead of time, and/or having over $100 worth of mistakes on an invoice/manifest.

  • Issues occur all the time and any rejection for correctable issues will not be viewed as a failure of the vendor. Please correct the issues and reschedule through our delivery scheduling portal at the vendor’s earliest convenience.

  • Delivery drivers and sales representatives are expected to be professional in their behaviour and speech throughout their time in our stores and while interacting with our staff.

  • Good communication solves all problems. Please communicate with the stores as you experience delays and shifts to delivery timelines.

Sample Drops for Prospective Vendors:

Hours for vendor sample delivery - Tuesday & Wednesday 10am - 2pm

  • Samples will be rejected unless they are categorized as 'Vendor Samples' in traceability, manifested to the store in which the drop off is occurring, and/or are not packaged in actual shelf ready sealed vendor/brand packaging with all required LCB regulatory information.

  • Sample feedback can take 2 to 4 weeks.

  • Receiving feedback for samples is not guaranteed.

  • Meeting with the buying team during a sample drop is not guaranteed.

  • Positive feedback on samples is not a commitment to buy product.

  • In the event that samples were approved for purchase the entire process from dropping off samples to placing product on a shelf may take up to 2 months.

  • If a vendor hasn’t received feedback on samples after 3 weeks, then we are not interested at that time, but situations change and the vendor is welcome to drop off fresh samples at a later time.

  • Successful vendors will typically have the following characteristics:

    • Product that is priced accurately according to its value

    • Patience

    • Professional communication that is not overly frequent

    • Persistence without being pushy

  • Unsuccessful vendors tend to do the following types of things:

    • Calling the store and requesting their brand as if they are a customer before or after the sample drop

    • Pitching to the budtenders while they are working with customers at the front counter

    • Attempting to communicate with the store, staff, or buying team aggressively either in person, over email, or on the phone