Higher Leaf is proud to carry a wide variety of products by the following vendors on a rotating basis. Don't see your favorite brand? Let us know at info@higherleaf.com

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Agro Mechanix is a Tacoma, WA based producer that specializes in creating top quality cannabis extractions and growing indoor exotic flower strains. Their Slab line specializes in concentrates while their Agro line is focused on providing high quality flower.


Artizen strives to create a truly exceptional cannabis experience. Quality, flavor, the perfect cure... Find your zen within. They take great pride in their work, from cultivation to packaging, ensuring everything is just right and that your Artizen experience lives up to their own high standards. 


Avitas is on a mission to make the world a better, happier place. Avitas was founded on the principle that high quality cannabis should be readily accessible for responsible adults to safely consume. Cannabis has finally reached this stage in our culture, and they are proud to be a pioneer in this industry.


Botanica Seattle, the parent company to Spot, Mr. Moxie Mints, Proper Chocolates and Journeyman, is known for their premium topicals and handcrafted edibles made locally in Seattle. They pride themselves on a spirit of innovation and strict quality standards in everything they produce.

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Coastal Cannabis was established in 2014 by a group of like-minded folks from the Pacific Northwest that aims to produce the highest quality marijuana products available on the market. They believe cannabis is not just a consumer product, but a lifestyle that they try to incorporate into all aspects of their business.

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 Dawg Star can proudly claimed to have owned Seattle's first licensed and permitted grow facility and has a fantastic line of flower, concentrates, and cartridges all made locally here in Seattle.

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Double Delicious is a local producer of cartridges, concentrates, and other extracts and is an excellent option for those not looking to break the bank. 


Fairwinds Manufacturing was started with the intention of bringing cutting-edge technology and modern processing techniques into the forefront of the cannabis industry. They have succeeded in this goal and continuously push it further. In their commitment to the wellness of their customers, they are fully immersed in modern supplement processing techniques and quality assurance standards that are recommended by the FDA and accepted across the natural supplement industry. Cannabis is a precious herbal substance, and the processing of cannabis deserves the greatest attention to detail and the finest technology available. Fairwinds is committed to delivering the highest level of expertise and quality of product.


Located in the heart of Washington Gabriel is a premier provider of high quality flower. As a bonus they have some of the coolest packaging around with the bottom of their jars functioning as a magnifying glass so that onlookers might fully partake in the beauty of their nugs.

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Green Revolution stands behind the belief that 'there is more to this plant.'  They strive to offer innovative, accurate and safe methods for getting the most out of cannabis, always pushing understanding of it’s potential. They pull from the experience and knowledge of traditional medicine practitioners and Western doctors, combine it with the open minds and wild hearts of yogis and spiritual psychonauts, and tie it together with shared appreciation of this wonderful plant. From their research and successful findings of practical and every day uses, they know that there is more to this plant. Humanity is their focus and cannabis is their tool.

Heavenly Buds is a family owned & operated business.  They are a recreational top-shelf cannabis producer and processor in Washington State.  Their industry-leading facilities provide the plants you smoke with the cleanest and healthiest environment possible, so they can bring you the best quality marijuana and marijuana products.

They are all about top of the line appearance, fragrance, flavor & potency, truly on the highest of top shelves.  Heavenly Buds advocates a lifestyle of serenity and happiness, enhanced by legal cannabis!

The Hempire Company is from Moses Lake in the the great state of Washington where they grow and thrive. From the streets to the hills they focus on one thing, quality cannabis products. 


The Honey Creek family owned garden combines the experience and expertise of three generations of ganja growers to cultivate remarkable cannabis. Nestled on a rural farm located in the Snoqualmie Valley, their indoor facility thrives among the beehives and vegetable gardens along a natural creek. They grow in soil and use only organic nutrients in an efforts to supply the finest cannabis possible. All Honey Creek flowers are hand trimmed to protect the delicate trichomes and crystals throughout the processing phase.

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Honu is Hawaiian for sea turtle. To the locals, the Honu represent longevity, peace, good luck, humility and “the spirit within”. To the cannabis customer Honu means delicious edibles. Turtles have always been important to the local Hawaiian people as they provided spiritual influence, tools, food and clothing. But the Hawaiians never “took” from the turtles lightly, they always revered the turtles.


Happiness is an inalienable right, and the Khush Kush family are determined to bring a little piece of happiness to your lives. So why choose them? The success of Khush Kush is built on integrity, mindful of sustainability, and at the forefront of innovation. Like their product, they maintain a high level of quality and honesty; they stay true to the craft, customers, and their passionate employees. 


MFused exists to improve and enhance everyday lives. Crafting the most innovative, highest quality, naturally effective products that stay true to thetherapeutic power and free spirit of cannabis.


The Mission Statement at Millennium Marijuana is to remain steadfast in the quest to spread quality Cannabis and Cannabis derived products to people of all walks of life through sustainable and responsible horticultural and extraction methods. Millennium offers a great variety of concentrates, vapes, and syringes.

Mirth Provisions is a Washington-based company that crafts cannabis-infused edibles and drinkables with high-quality, local ingredients. They created the popular Legal Soda line with flavors in Rainer Cherry (h), Lemon Ginger (i), Pomegranate (s), Coffee Mocha (s) & Cranberry CBD (h).

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Mother Earth Farms is a crew of weed enthusiast perfectionists that focus on every detail of the cannabis plant from the smell to the taste to give our customers the best experience possible. They continuously work on improving our strains and phenotypes and grow our plants in a state of the art greenhouses. Their Chief Science Officer designed a custom-built facility where they process our flower and extracts. 

Mary's products include a variety of balms and lotions, which maximize the effectiveness of cannabis and are supplemented by other vital plant extracts. Mary's products include a variety of balms and lotions, which maximize the effectiveness of cannabis and are supplemented by other vital plant extracts. Mary's develops innovative products, which have garnered numerous accolades including 2014 Invention of the Year in the Cannabis Business Awards, Most Innovative Product at the CannAwards and Best New Product at the High Times Cannabis Cup. For more info, visit MM Cannabis

Oakor is a premium cannabis-infused products company focused on providing natural, healthful ways to experience legal marijuana. When you ingest cannabis, cannabinoids take a little longer to get into your system due to the digestion process. You also lose some of the cannabinoids from metabolization and going through the liver. Oakor Slips are different. Since Oakor Slips are absorbed sublingually (through tissues underneath the tongue), its cannabinoids are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. This means you get faster results and up to six times the effects of a traditional edible! For more info, visit Oakor.


The Phat Panda line speaks for itself and is a result of a state-of-the-art growing facility using perfected growing techniques executed by TEAM PANDA. With an abundance of strains available in flower, cartridges and concentrates, they're confident they have the perfect strain or two for everyone.


High-quality premium indoor cannabis producer, Primo Boss, sets a fine standard. Supplier of several store favorites such as Dirty Girl and Ewok, Primo Boss's state-of-the-art facility seems to have dialed in what it takes to produce fine bud.


Salish Sativas is a family owned and operated, tier two garden with a masterfully designed indoor facility. They proudly offer all natural cannabis for our recreational and medicinal friends. Years of cultivation experience and education allows their team to create an ecosystem rich medium using beneficial teas, microbes, fungi, and love. Their clean, healthy, and pest free canopy requires NO application of toxic chemicals. Their product is always lovingly tended, naturally grown, slow dried, hand trimmed, and jar cured, allowing for the true flavor of each unique strain to be experienced.


Sasquatch Cannabis Company was founded by a young couple with a mission to produce (what they consider) their own brand of “Micro-Brew” Marijuana. Grown by Kevin that has years of knowledge behind their strains and a brand artfully designed by Crystal, his other half, they find themselves to be the dynamic duo.  Their love for the industry started when they first met in 2013 and continues strive for top shelf quality cannabis to captivate their a consumer's with flavors and experiences that they’ll continue to come back for. 


Smokey Point is proud to work with top level producers in the industry; growers who care far more for their plants than money, people willing to break a sweat and put in the work to achieve their goals. For years they have been quietly grinding, digging in the dirt, honing their craft, and realizing their true purpose; to gather a group of good humans for a good cause.


Suspended Brands would like to join you every step of the way on your cannabis adventure. Suspended is here to enhance your adventure or relax you after it. While it is hard to beat a great movie and a joint, they know the sky is the limit for those living here, or visiting our uniquely beautiful state. Bring Spectrum along on your next adventure and enjoy life responsibly and most importantly, freely.


With an excellent array of flower and concentrates, Solstice believes strongly in the medicinal and wellness applications of cannabis and strives to present the plant in the most beautiful ways possible.


Sweet Water Farms  produces superior quality cannabis products through carefully hand made batches all the way from growing to packaging. Factors such as unique genetic lineages, nutrient rich soil, and love are essential to their cannabis creation.

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TH Sea is not just a company, but a family. Every T.H.Sea family member channels their mutual passion for this miraculous plant into ensuring that every plant, every package, every nugget of cannabis is tended to and well-cared for during each step of the process, from seed to final product.


Verdelux entered the recreational cannabis market with the intent of creating the world's finest edibles specifically in the areas of craftsmanship, potency, taste and consistency. They are committed to providing an amazing experience from the first bite to the perfect finish. 


Walden Cannabis grew from an eccentric group of climbers, backpackers, and yogis, who appreciated how well cannabis paired with nature. When complemented by a walk in the forest, a bonfire with friends, or a wild skinny-dip in the ocean, cannabis can deepen and enrich our connection with our planet, our brethren, and ourselves. A love of the outdoors is at the heart of their company, so when it was founded Walden knew sungrown was their only option.

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To Western Cultured, quality is more than a label on a package. To us, quality is what keeps us up day and night, continually innovating, evolving and trail blazing to deliver the finest cannabis experience.

Zootologists carefully extract the essential oils of the marijuana plant in a contaminant-free environment using our proprietary Cypress Extraction Method™. This closed-loop process captures the THC using organic cane alcohol in a cold fusion process. So, you can be assured that each serving is consistent. And while everyone experiences cannabis individually, Zoots is about having a good time without feeling uncomfortably stoned.