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3 Ways Cannabis Can Boost Your New Year's Resolutions

3 Ways Cannabis Can Boost Your New Year's Resolutions

Hopping aboard the “new year, new you” train this year? Same. But, we’re taking it slow and remembering that even baby steps toward a new habit still land squarely in the win column. If the changes you’re making are proving to be more of a challenge than you’d hoped, we’re here to help! 

4 Ways Cannabis Is Changing the World

4 Ways Cannabis Is Changing the World

Here at Kirkland and Bellevue’s best pot shops, we are entirely personally convinced of the benefits of that good green weed. You may know that if you want to get high, sleep better, or ease aches and pains, cannabis can help with all that (and so much more!) But, what you may not realize is that cannabis can be a real force for good! Here are just a few of the ways pot is helping to make the world a better place.

Host A Pot Tasting Party

With beer flights and wine tastings all the rage this Summer, plan your own marijuana themed event to really get your friends talking. Take advantage of the countless strains available at Higher Leaf to showcase to taste, smell and differences in effects you can find in Washington. Read on to see our tips for hosting the Perfect Pot Tasting Party. 

Favorite Summer Edibles

With Summer in full swing our customers are asking about low calorie edibles they can enjoy regularly or tasty treats to bring to their next summer event. There are so many great options under 100 calories as well as amazing edibles that pack a sugary punch for any party. See what our Budtenders named as some their favorite edibles for the summer season. 

Eco-Friendly Uses For Marijuana Packaging

One of the biggest challenges vendors face is selecting creative and functional packaging for their products. We hate to see so many jars, containers and joint tubes in the trash, so we asked our Budtenders to share how they give packaging new life. This 4/20, get ready to celebrate Earth Day by repurposing your jars and containers for decor, organization and cleaning. 

Easy To Use Marijuana Products

Higher Leaf carries hundreds of different marijuana products and our Budtenders try them all so they know exactly what to recommend. We love to find the perfect product for every customer and pride our store on carrying a variety of options for all budgets. We often hear requests for quick and easy to use methods, with no mess and no bulky equipment, so Higher Leaf made a list of our favorite no fuss ways to get high. 

How Terpenes Influence Marijuana

Smell is a great indicator of quality marijuana and you can thank terpenes for strains with the aroma of lemons, fruity pebbles or even diesel. Terpenes are natural compounds found in many plants and every kind has its own unique smell. Many terpenes are used to make perfumes, essential oils, medicines and more. Research about terpenes is rapidly expanding and we're learning more about their effect on the potency of marijuana and the kind of high you experience.