Give Summer a Proper Sendoff

As the days grow shorter, most everyone has one thing on their mind—fall is coming. Labor Day has passed us by, but it’s still an excellent time to kick back, relax, and relive those hot summer days before they’re gone for good. Here are a few ways to make the most of your September weekends.


Try a New Strain

Whether you’re just starting your cannabis journey or have been enjoying for years, chances are there’s something exciting to discover. Shake off your work week grind and start your September out right with a new canna adventure. Stop in and visit us as the weekend kicks off, try a variety pack like the Honey Creek Toke Tour or the Sasquatch Party Pack. Or have a chat with one of our knowledgeable budtenders who are more than happy to share their favorite strains and would love to recommend something new.

Get Baking*

A weekend is a great chance to get creative in the kitchen—and we’re not just talking about brownies. Edibles today take on all shapes and forms, including Cannabis Carrot Cupcakes and Apple Cannabis Crisp. Or, if you want to get fancy, how about some Ricotta-Pineapple Mini Canna-Crepe Soufflés? No matter how crazy you want to get in the kitchen, there’s a recipe for you. And, if you’re just in the mood for a classic, here’s a brownie recipe too.


Have a Marijuana Backyard Barbeque

Grab a few friends and try out a tried and true tradition—with a twist. Grills are still fired up all over the country, and you can get in on the action too. Whip up some Cannabis Infused BBQ Sauce; it’s great slathered on ribs and paired with a refreshing Cucumber, Weed, & Watermelon Salad. Finish off your preparations with some Honu Gimme S’mores and your post summer barbecue is off to a fantastic start.

No matter how you decide to say ‘so long’ to summer, stay safe, enjoy your weekend, and if you need to stock up on green be sure to visit your friendly budtenders at Higher Leaf in Bellevue or Kirkland.

*When it comes to edibles (especially homemade ones), it’s much easier to consume too much than too little during your first experience. Start with 5mg of any edible and wait several hours to see how it affects you. Sometimes, you may not feel anything at all after consuming your first edible. Depending on your metabolism, it can take some users 4 to 6 hours to feel the effects, which can lead to the overconsumption of infused edibles. Wait to try it another day so you don’t end up getting higher than you expected during your first experience.