NEW Cartridge Prices Are Here

We're proud to say that we're the number one Avitas seller in Washington state! Avitas has been with Higher Leaf since the second week we opened and we're excited to announce new prices on all their cartridges! According to our customers they're some of the best tasting cartridges on the market. Avitas is the most requested brand at Higher Leaf because they consistently deliver the highest THC potency on our menu and customers love the slick design.

Avitas CO2 Oil / .5g-$40
Phat Panda BHO / .5g-$35 / 1g-$68
Liberty Reach CO2 Oil / .5g-$40 / 1g-$78
Jack Pot Seaweed BHO / .5g-$30

We're also excited to welcome Liberty Reach and Jackpot Seaweed to our menu. Ask your Budtender about all our cartridge options at your next visit to Higher Leaf in Kirkland!