History of 7/10 Dab Day

We love celebrating cannabis in all its forms and one of our favorites is 7/10! This dabbing day may be a newer holiday, but its popularity keeps growing as concentrates became easier for anyone to try. To celebrate this concentrate celebration, just take a hit of your favorite wax, shatter or vape pen!

7/10 or Oil Day was named because of the date. When you flip 7/10 upside down you get OIL. Sounds like some infallible stoner logic to us! Oil is a common catch-all term for concentrates like wax, shatter, honey oil, etc. We may never know exactly who started the hash holiday, but we can celebrate it with gusto to honor this excellent idea.

While modern dabbing has gone mainstream, its roots are humble. In the 60s and 70s the "hot knife" method was popular with cannabis connoisseurs. Dabbing as we know it wasn't an option until the first dab rigs were created in the mid-2000s. These days anyone can dab with easy to use silicon rigs and beautiful quartz pieces. Many dabbers skip the torch and dab on the go with oil vape cartridges and electronic dab pens that super heat your concentrates in seconds. Budtenders at Higher Leaf Bellevue and Higher Leaf Kirkland can demonstrate how to use all of these products during your next visit.

What is dabbing?
The phrase dabbing refers to heating concentrated cannabis on a hot surface and inhaling the smoke that is released. There are a variety of different concentrates on the market like shatter, wax, icing, rosin, pull-n-snap and more. The solvent used and the extraction process can lead to different textures, terpene profiles, and strength. You can read more about the different concentrate options here or ask a Higher Leaf Budtender in Kirkland or Bellevue for more info. 

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