Tips For First Time Cannabis Use


The best weather of the year is here, so friends and family are flooding into the state to take advantage of it with you. We see countless visitors to the area stop by Higher Leaf to try cannabis for the first time. If your guests have never tried marijuana before there are a few things you can do to ensure their first time is fun and relaxing.

Create A Safe Space - The key to a comfortable first experience with cannabis comes down to comfort and safety. Make sure your guests are in a well lit space with plenty of snacks and water available. We recommend that your guests don't mix cannabis with alcohol as this can lead to cross fade or the spins. Set aside several hours for the experience so guests can sober up before the next step on their WA adventure. If they do feel dizzy or "too funny" make sure there is a quiet, dark area nearby so they can nap it off.

Is It Really Their First Time? - If dad or grandma want to spark up or eat a pot brownie, ask if it's really their first time to see if they know what to expect. If they've tried it before, you should still warn them about the increased potency of modern marijuana. If it's truly their first time, be frank with them about the potential effects. The may feel time slow, have extra sensitivity to touch or other senses, their heart can race, their mouth can get dry, and of course don't forget the munchies. Help them have a great experience by letting them know all sorts of different things can happen that are totally normal when using marijuana for the first time.

Low THC Strains - When you start with flower, it's best to start with lower THC strains and work up. This way, the effects of marijuana can be experienced on a gradual climb instead of going as strong as possible at first leaving you know where to go. Try low THC strains like AC/DC, HarleTsu, Harlequinn and Sour Tsunami or ask a Budtender at Higher Leaf in Kirkland or Bellevue for their first timer recommendations. 

First Edible - The first time you try an edible can be a real trip, but in certain cases you may not feel anything at all. It can take some people a few tries before edibles have an effect. In Washington state, edibles contain up to 10mg THC per serving, but there are many options with 5mg and 3mg servings too. First time servings should range around 5mg and consumers need to allow 1-2 hours to feel a high, though it can take longer. When it comes to edibles you can always eat more, but you can't eat less. If it doesn't work at first, wait a day to try again. 

First Dab - Higher Leaf is happy to help first time dabbers and we see many new residents and out of state visitors who want to try their first concentrate in Washington. If they're used to what it feels like to be high, they will know exactly what to expect. Make sure there is water on hand and somewhere they can lay down if they get the spins. Dabs hit hard, so they should start with one and see how they feel. Just like with flower, we recommend starting with the lower percentage concentrates and working your way up. An electronic dab pen is a great way to start dabbing without buying the full rig. They can just load a dab, press the button and inhale! Ask a Higher Leaf Budtender for more information about all our dabbing equipment.

Bring your guests to Higher Leaf and we'll find the first marijuana product to enjoy for their first experience with cannabis. We can pin point if flower, edibles or concentrates will deliver the high they're looking for. Happy summer ahead to you and your guests from Higher Leaf!