Enhance Your High

If you're a seasoned smoker then you've probably noticed an increase in your tolerance. Trying new strains and products can help you experience different highs, but a strong tolerance can be hard to crack. Here are a few simple ways to boost your next high.

Eat a Mango
No, really. Mangoes can boost your high if you eat them at least an hour before enjoying cannabis. This happens because mangoes contain Myrcene, a terpene known for in both mangoes and marijuana. With myrcene in your blood stream, your high will hit faster and last longer. Make sure the mango is ripe for the most powerful effect. Smoke a myrcene rich strain like Skunk #1 or White Widow for an even bigger boost.

Exercise After You Toke
If you enjoy going to yoga or spin class with a buzz, try smoking up after you break a sweat as well. The elevated heart rate from cardiovascular activity can help increase the presence of THC found in the brain. Elevate your heart rate for least 30 minutes before indulging in your favorite kind of cannabis. Higher Leaf staff has named Zoots Energy Blasts and THC Capsules by Fairwinds as some of their favorite post work out products.

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Try Concentrates
If you've only enjoyed marijuana flower, concentrates are the next level in the pot game. Concentrates deliver the strongest high currently available. Start with a vape pen or progress to a portable concentrate pen or dab rig with torch. You can learn more about the different kind of concentrates on our blog or ask a Budtender for their recommendations at your next visit. Current team favorites include Shatter by Millennium Extracts and the Odo Nectar in a variety of flavors.

Take A Tolerance Break
The most proven, but least popular method is simply taking a tolerance break. With 4/20 around the corner, you still have a couple weeks cut back and lose some of your tolerance. Don't want to go cold turkey? Stick to a single method of delivery like only eating edibles or only smoking low THC% flower.  Save those dabs and bong rips to celebrate 4/20 with Higher Leaf in April! Future you will thank you.

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