DEA Rules on CBD Won't Affect Washington


The DEA recently announced new rules about CBD and other cannabinoids, but there's no need to worry if you live Washington state. You can still find all your favorite CBD products at Higher Leaf in Kirkland. For consumers, the new drug code only changes the rules if your state doesn’t allow recreational or medical marijuana.

The DEA has relabeled “marijuana extracts” with virtually nonexistent traces of THC in their own category. This means that CBD and other cannabinoids are now federally illegal when they had previously existed in a grey area. Vendors that produce and create CBD products will face no further regulation or protocols they must adhere to when growing and processing in the state. We’ll continue to stock cannabinoid products like oils, tinctures and edibles here at Higher Leaf and currently have our eyes on a few innovative products hitting the market in the future. What has changed in Washington is that shipping CBD oil and other no THC cannabinoids into the state is no longer allowed by consumers or vendors.

There is silver lining to this decision that has potential long term effects on the regulation of cannabinoids. Because “marijuana extracts” are now their own category, it is easier to track and analyze data about their sale and use. In the future, there is a chance that CBD and other extracts could be rescheduled by Congress based on new information about these cannabinoids. In a best case scenario “marijuana extracts” would be removed from Schedule 1 substances, loosening the rules on these products. This would allow researchers to study cannabinoid extracts in more detail, while maintaining the current Schedule 1 status of Marijuana.

With all the buzz about CBD in the news, we’re stocking more products than ever at Higher Leaf. Tinctures and capsules are easy to use any time of day, edibles offer a delicious single serving size, and we have several high CBD strains ready to smoke in flower or pre-rolls. Come visit us in Kirkland to ask a Budtender about the perfect CBD product for you. Want to learn more about CBD? Read all about why you should try this cannabinoid in our previous blog post.