The Budtenders at Higher Leaf learn more about marijuana each and every day! Last year we talked about some of the most common marijuana terms in the 1st Higher Leaf Dope Dictionary. This year, we put together a list of some the language and slang that Higher Leaf customers frequently ask our staff to explain. Get your vocabulary ready for 4/20 fun and dive right into Higher Leaf's 4/20 Dope Dictionary!

Canoeing - This phenomenon occurs when a lit pre-roll begins to burn unevenly. You'll notice the joint looks like the top of a hollowed out canoe. This can happen to joints that are packed too tight or unevenly filled. Try rolling and massaging the pre-roll between your fingers before you light up.

Concentrates - Processed marijuana that has a high percent of THC present in the final product. Different types of concentrates are created using a variety of methods and solvents. The consistency of a concentrate is often linked to its name. Read more about the many different concentrates here.

Vape Pen - A small, handheld device that heats concentrated cannabis oil in a cartridge using a rechargeable battery. Some all-in-one versions are entirely disposable while some cartridges can be refillable. Cartridges are available at Higher Leaf in .5G and 1G options and are extracted from popular marijuana strains like GSC, Green Crack and Gorilla Glue. Higher Leaf Budtenders can go over different batteries and cartridges to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle. 

Atomizer - The part of cartridge that uses heat from the battery to vaporize the concentrated cannabis oil into the nearly odorless vapor you inhale.

Dabbing - Taking a 'dab' is applying a marijuana concentrate, like wax or shatter, to a the hot surface of a dab rig, called the nail. The smoke that is released is inhaled through the dab rig, a piece of marijuana paraphernalia that looks similar to many bongs. You can learn more about dabbing in last week's blog post.

Spoon - Slang for a large dab! Taking a dab of this size will definitely make you cough. 

Flower - We use the word flower every day to refer to dried and cured bud or nugs. Flower is sold at Higher Leaf in a variety of 1g, 2g, 3.5g, 7g, 14g, and 28g sizes. You can find all the available Sativa, Indica, Hybrid & CBD strains on the Live Kirkland Menu here and the Live Bellevue Menu here.

Zip - A classic term for an ounce of marijuana. It's also the legal limit you can posses in WA.

Kief - These sparkling white crystals are trichomes that contain the majority of a the plant's cannabinoids! Kief can be collected in your grinder or purchased at Higher Leaf from a variety of vendors in .5g and 1g sizes. Kief can be used to make hash or enjoy it on top of a bowl as a treat.


B-Buds - Also known as popcorn nugs, these buds are the smaller and less expensive versions of larger A-Buds. They are a great deal for consumers who like premium strains, but don't need larger nugs. Higher Leaf has B-Buds of your favorite strains by Salish Sativas and a variety of Bong Buddies B-Buds by Phat Panda.

Landrace Strain - These strains refer to specific geographic regions where cannabis adapted in order to thrive. Landrace strains like Thai, Mexican, Afghani and Hawaiian have been bred and crossbred and bred again to make many of the amazing strains you enjoy today. Finding true Landrace strains is becoming less common due to less demand. You can find Red Congolese, an African Sativa Landrace by Walden at Higher Leaf Bellevue. Share you favorite Landrace in the comments!

Boveda - These little packs are designed to add or remove moisture depending on the ambient temperature and humidity. Dry weed that was over cured or from an older outdoor grow can be brought back to life with a Boveda pack available at Higher Leaf. Ask a Budtender about using these is your every day storage and watch this video to learn more before your next visit.

Tincture - This type of edible is is created using alcohol, coconut oil or glycerol to make a concentrated liquid product. Place a few drops under the tongue for fast acting effects or add to a beverage or snack to digest slowly. They're great from regular users who don't smoke and want to avoid the calories in heavier edibles like cookies, candies and sodas.

Topical - A unique way to enjoy the effects of marijuana, without smoking or ingesting the plant. Topicals are available at Higher Leaf as lotion, body oil, bath salt and patches that can deliver relief to tight muscles or add a whole new level to your next couples massage.

With a little more knowledge about different marijuana terminology, you can determine exactly how you want to celebrate 4/20 in 2017! Higher Leaf is excited to announce a sneak peek at upcoming deals in honor of the most famous marijuana holiday in the world! Watch our website for more information about all our 4/20 Deals coming soon!

Want to know more about other marijuana slang? Hit us up on Twitter or Facebook and let us know what we should add to the next edition of the Dope Dictionary. You can also ask a Budtender at Higher Leaf in Bellevue and Kirkland about other marijuana slang you think we should add.