How to Celebrate National Cookie & Brownie Days in Style

Did you know that next week there are not one but two monumental days of recognition that far too many people miss each and every year? And no, we’re not talking about Festivus, we’re talking about those overlooked gems: National Cookie Day (12/4) and National Brownie Day (12/8). To help you get into the infused spirit of the season, we thought we’d share some of our favorite edibles and recipes so that you can be ready to celebrate these two incredibly important national days of celebration in style.

Bring on the Butter!

Did you know that you can infuse pretty much anything you dream up with cannabis? It’s true. Marijuana is a versatile little weed and melds well with both butter and oil. Since this week, we’re talking cookies and brownies; we’re all-in on cannabutter. You can go wild and transform your favorite recipes into marijuana munchies with the simple addition of cannabis-infused butter. Check out a few recipes here.

Make Something Memorable

Tired of the old standbys? Want to make something that’s tailor-made for your marijuana needs, we’ve got you covered. Check out this Peanut Butter Canna-Kiss Cookie recipe from Herb for National Cookie Day. Peanut butter, not your jam? Go the traditional route and whip up some Cannabis Chocolate Chip Cookies. Or knock out two birds with one stone and try out some Cannabis Infused Sugar Cookies. (Seriously, who isn’t up for a very Merry Little Cannabis)? Better yet, get some friends together for a cookie swap and try out all three. (Just be careful on the dosage!) For National Brownie Day, check out The Cannabist’s Triple Chocolate Pot Brownies. The images alone are mouthwatering.

Try Out Something New

Of course, not everyone has the time to go crazy in the kitchen. That’s where we come in. Stop by our Kirkland or Bellevue weed shops and choose from a range of seasonal cookies from Winterlife, including Apple Oatmeal Cinnamon, Cocoa Marshmallow, or Pumpkin Spice. Want to double down on chocolate? Pick up Brownie Bites from Zoots or Spot for your 12/8 festivities. Going low carb this year? Try consuming your Girl Scout Cookies from Honey Creek the old fashioned way, in a pipe! Girl Scout Cookies holiday ornaments are here now.

Try mixing it up this week and stocking up on cookie or brownie edibles. While in store, chat with our friendly budtenders about potential recipes, or just load up on The Eastside’s Best Bud. We have $5 grams every day and offer price matching on regularly priced items. We can’t wait to see you!