Avitas:  No chemicals or Pesticides

BMF: All pesticides and fertilizers are state approved and disclosed on their website

Botanica Seattle (Spot):  Uses multiple producers to source their base marijuana material.

Growing Medium: Soil

Pest Control: *Neem oil, Trilogy, Dandevo, Kaligreen, Mykos, Acramite, organocide, azamax, actinovate, ladybugs, beneficial bacteria streptomyces lydicus, bacillus subtilis and thuringiensis, potassium bicarbonate, hydrogen dioxide, copper soap, and azadirachtin (derived from neem oil)

Extraction method/s: Organic cane alcohol, Butter Infusion

Dawg Star - Indoor

Grow Medium: Soil

Pest Control: Neemoil, Nukem, Predatory Insects

Extraction method/s: Proprietary Hydrocarbon blend, containing butane, hexane, and propane, by X-Tracted.

Ethos - All Natural

Grow Medium: Soil

Pest Control: None

Extraction method/s: alcohol


Fairwinds - All Natural

Grow Medium: Organic soil/rock wool

Pest Control: Neem Oil, horticultural oil, horticultural soap (citric acid)

Extraction method/s: CO2


Fireline- All Natural

Grow Medium: Soil

Pest Control: Clean Environment.

Extraction method/s: Butane/Propane Hydrocarbon


Heavenly Buds - All Natural


Hempire- All Natural

Grow Medium: Soil and Sphagnum (peat moss)

Pest Control: no pesticides

Extraction method/s: butane

Honey Creek Farms

Grow Medium: Soil, BioChar

Nutes: Botanicare, ProBloom, CalMag, Karma

Pest Control: Neem Cake, Green Clean

Extraction method/s:  None


Natural Mystic Farms

GM- Outdoor sun grown

PC- Pesticide Free no spray no wash


Legal Sodas - Mirth

Extraction: CO2 +Distillation

Source: Green America

GM: Hydroponic, outdoor natural soil, Rockwood Clay, Clay Perlite media

PC: Neem Oil, Green Cleaner, SNS 217, SNS 209, Azamax, and/or Safer Soap

Mary's Medicinal:  Pharmaceutical grade products

Natural Mystic Farms - All Natural

Grow Medium: Coco-based soil

Pest Control: Neem oil

Extraction method/s:  None


Noble Farms - Indoor- All Natural

Grow Medium: Promix HP with mycorrhizae fungi, mixed with coco.

Pest Control: Neem oil

Extraction method/s: Butane


Northwest Wonderland:

Grow Medium: Coco Fiber, Soil,

Pest Control: Predatory mites,  Azamax, bean plants, Potassium bicarbonate, Regalia

Extraction method/s: Food grade ethanol

Orgrow: Purespray Green, and Nukem

Prohibition Brands- All Natural

Grow Medium: coco husk

Pest Control: Neem Oil

Extraction method/s: none currently

Salish Sativas :No pest/mite fungicides, natural fertilizers

Sasquatch Cannabis: Organic fertilizers and pesticides

Grow Medium: Grown in organic soil, hand watered and hand trimmed.

Pesticides: OMNI Certified Organic Postassium Salts

Nutrients: House and Garden nutrient line Flush: 5 days Cure Process: Dry 10-15 days; Cure 15-30 days

Extraction technique: Hydrocarbon (Butane)


Walden - 2015 Harvest - Sungrown

Growing Medium:

Native Soil amended with: Organic Fishbone Meal, Copper Sulfate, Gypsum, Organic Stutzman chicken manure, Organic Stutzman Compost

Pest Control: Trilogy 70% Neem Oil, Beneficial Insects: Amblyseius Andersoni, Phytoseiulus persimilis, Amblyseius fallacis, Amblyseius cucumeris

Waterstone: (WaPacPro)- All Natural

Grow Medium: Black Lake Organics “Medicine Man” soil

Pest Control: Azamax and Nukem as needed

Extraction methods: Butane

Zoots - All Natural:

Grow Medium: Hydroponic

Pest Control: Actinovate, Safer Brand insecticidal soap, Grandevo  and pyrethrin, PFR-97

Extraction method/s: Cold extraction with organic cane alcohol