Say Sayonara To Sign Spinners

Sunday, July 23rd marked the end of an era in WA State with new marijuana advertising rules coming into effect today, July 24th. There were many new regulations regarding billboards and advertisements, but we're most upset about the ban on Sign Spinners. We talked to Higher Leaf's infamous Shawn The Sign Spinner to learn a little bit more about his philosophy on the art, his thoughts on safety and what's next for this beloved Higher Leaf icon.

DIY Infused Summer Sweets

There's nothing more relaxing than a refreshing cannabis treat on a hot summer day. Washington state doesn't allow for the sale of refrigerated items like our sibling states to the south, but that doesn't mean you can't make your own! See some of Higher Leaf's favorite ways to infuse your own edibles this summer.

Favorite Summer Edibles

With Summer in full swing our customers are asking about low calorie edibles they can enjoy regularly or tasty treats to bring to their next summer event. There are so many great options under 100 calories as well as amazing edibles that pack a sugary punch for any party. See what our Budtenders named as some their favorite edibles for the summer season. 

Uptown Grow Lab Tour of Higher Leaf Kirkland

WA residents have access to legalized marijuana at neighborhood shops like Higher Leaf, but not everyone is as lucky. That's where Uptown Grow Lab comes in with videos and content about marijuana education, cannabis culture and tours of Washington shops to share with everyone else in the world without weed. Jay himself stopped by Higher Leaf Kirkland to tour the shop and learn about some of our Budtenders current favorite strains.

The Legend Of Jack Herer

This hemp hero's upcoming birthday on June 18th is the perfect occasion to learn more about one of the first activists in the fight for legalization. Also known as "The Hemperor," Jack is a famous grass roots organizer and activist whose efforts had monumental influence on cannabis policy in California and around the country. Check out some of our favorite facts about the legend that is Jack Herer.

Elevate Your Next High

When it comes to marijuana the list of paraphernalia is endless! All you really need is some bud, a lighter and a smoking device, but you can improve your smoking experience with a few simple accessories. The Budtenders at Higher Leaf named their favorite items to elevate your next high.

Spring Event Roundup

Higher Leaf is thrilled to feel the Spring air coming through ours doors in Bellevue and Kirkland! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and we're having a great time getting our customers set up with The Eastside's Best Bud everyday. Get your green at Higher Leaf and head on over to one of these fun Spring events in Kirkland and Bellevue.


The Budtenders at Higher Leaf learn more about marijuana each and every day! We put together a list of some the language and slang that Higher Leaf customers frequently ask our staff to explain. Get your vocabulary ready for 4/20 fun and dive right into Higher Leaf's 4/20 Dope Dictionary!!